TGLM contributors share our common goal of seeking improvement in the lives of women everywhere

We are looking for passionate writers, with a pointed message that aligns with our mission. We are open to diverse voices, telling stories that are real, provocative and transparent.

Personal Essays


4:30 pm

We want to hear your voice through your essay, sharing a compelling message that not only describes your personal experience, but also ties in with the social and cultural context of TGLM, relevant to our readers. We are open to every topic real to you, from mental health, body image, depression, to sexuality- as long as it is an experience that we can learn, unlearn and grow from. 

Critical Essays


10:00 am

We are open to receiving essays that create a provoking analysis around a variety of topics, from cultural norms, pop culture, social activism, to politics. Your message should be relevant to the TGLM audience, with a goal to educate, inform and create conversation.

Essay Length?


11:30 am

We are open to length variation, because it is important to us that your expression is not stifled. However, we accept anywhere from 450 - 2500 words. Again, check in with us, and based on your submission, we can accept longer or shorter essays.

How should I submit my essay or pitch?


11:30 am

Please email us at with a brief description of your idea and why it matters, or send us your full draft essay, attached as a google doc.

Due to the volume of submissions, we’re not able to respond to all emails in a timely fashion. However we will respond with a link to your published essay, once we decide to move forward with editing and publishing your piece. 

Please let us know if your submission is time sensitive, by making a note in the subject line. 

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