A Love Letter to the Girls Like Me

To the girls like me who switch their hips, smack their lips and run loving fingers all over their bodies, laying claim to it.

To the girls who dance wildly throwing reckless abandon to the wind, pleading with their shy inner child to have no fear, you CAN move now!

To the girls like me who love too hard, give too much, and never get enough.

To the girls with hearts as wide as the sea that part where they call home, told to keep their knees pressed together and end up with their legs tied by the culture that indoctrinates so well they forget who they are.

To the girls like me looking for who they are. Searching to fill the nagging hole and gaping feeling that there is more out there, within them, around them, them.

To the girls who speak too softly, cry too often, yet their voices land like crashing cymbals when the fire that burns within them is awakened.

To the girls like me who are too loud and never enough. Too visible, they fight to be seen.

To the girls never satisfied, the girls always hungry, the girls the world craves, chews up but cannot swallow.

To the girls like me whose heady flavors confuse the senses of the ordinary, who others cry a river, leaving them to wipe their own solitary drop with the fabric of woven dreams deferred.

To the girls who stand tall when their feet waver, the girls whose arms give the warmest embrace to the girls with aching heads and sagging breasts, seeking the safety of sister-ship.

To all the girls like me,

I see you.

I love you.

Words by Moji Akinde.

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