Actress Janet MacLachlan in the 1960s

1. No one does it better than you. 

Why try to be like other people, when it is so much easier being yourself?

Being you comes with manuals, buttons and controls that are uniquely designed for you.

Rather than spending all your time trying to be like people who you will always fall short trying to emulate, master yourself. Take the time out instead to learn who you are, what makes you happy, what you are good at, and what you can improve. You are the greatest at being yourself, and that’s a win. 

2. You attract the right people.

One of the best reasons to be yourself authentically is that you attract the right support circle. Nothing alienates negative people in your life, more than being unapologetic about yourself. Some people benefit mentally from preying on your insecurities and need for approval, and when you show that you are confident in yourself and enjoy who you are, they take themselves out of the picture. The right people for you will be happy to see you become more of yourself. They will encourage and support your growth because they too want friends who will root for theirs.  

3. It improves your communication. 

Confidently expressing ourselves is a struggle for so many of us, mostly because we are conditioned from childhood to be likeable, rather than be ourselves. In different instances we find ourselves failing to say what we really mean, uttering a different response instead that we feel may be more digestible. 

Once you proceed on a journey of authenticity, honesty becomes important to you. You find yourself speaking up and saying what you mean, because you are now communicating for yourself. It makes it so much easier to express what you want and how you feel, because you are no longer chained to presenting yourself for external approval.  

4. Your confidence in yourself is maximized.

Nothing beats realizing that you can live your life authentically as yourself. It’s such a great feeling. It means that you have prioritized yourself to the point where you believe that your uniqueness deserves to thrive. You are no longer afraid of speaking up for yourself and living life how you please. You are an embodiment of your honesty and truth in a world where individuality is penalized. You did it and it’s something to celebrate and so much of a reason to be thankful to be you. You also become keenly aware that despite the storms life will throw your way, you still have you to hold onto, because despite the odds, you found yourself and set her free. 

5. Self approval becomes a priority.

Once you have decided to live authentically, you find yourself depending less on outside approval. It becomes so much more important to approve your own decisions on your life because no one else can be an expert on you. Rather than waiting on other people to approve your next step, you find yourself knowing exactly what you need to do and making the plan to do it. It becomes easier to keep moving and taking your life where you want it to go, because you have chosen to prioritize the needs unique to you. 

Bonus point: 

Even when you make decisions for yourself that may not be the best, living authentically makes it’s easier to be honest with yourself and accept the failure for the lesson it is. Choosing to live authentically means that you will spend a lot of time analyzing yourself and understanding your strengths and weaknesses. You will learn that it’s okay to experience things that may not be to your best interest, as long as you can learn from it. You will find that it is easier to reverse a disappointing decision, because you understand the reason behind making it and know that it didn’t benefit you as you hoped. 

Cheers to living a life that is yours to define and navigate. 

Words by Doreen Caven

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