Expanding the definition of womanhood

The Girls Like Me was created as a response to the sole narrative of the African woman.


Sisters, Doreen and Joan Caven founded the TGLM platform to serve as a safe space for all women who are insistent on forging their own paths, regardless of societal expectations.


As two Nigerian women who felt restricted by society’s idea of the Nigerian woman, and who often challenged normative perceptions of womanhood, we were compelled to create this space that would serve as a home for other women like us who identified with a desire to be the authors of 

their own stories.


Our greatest desire is for TGLM to be a platform where all women and non binary people,

from different backgrounds, races, ethnicities, and of different sexualities and gender expressions,

feel comfortable expressing themselves uniquely, sharing honestly, and exploring 

topics from their cultural traditions, to sexuality, to mental health,

to tips on self growth, to taking down the patriarchy (naturally).

Our platform distributes print and digital content on our social media accounts,

and also via a weekly newsletter.